[SOLD] Decent DE1(DE1Pro) v1.1 w/ Spacer, Skale+stand, upgraded tablet (US-NYC)

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I have a DE1Pro 110v, v1.1, purchased August 22 2019.

I uploaded a photo album here.
  • Includes a 3.4mm PEEK spacer, Damian Brakel's Skale stand in red, and a Skale. This may mean more to people who've been hanging around the Decent Espresso Basecamp group. (A major perk of ownership.) Basically: headspace is tweaked slightly-easily reversed-and the drip tray weighs shot output for automatic stop.
  • Upgraded to a later version of the official Decent tablet for reliable Bluetooth; package includes both tablets.
  • Total espresso count around 1500. Photo is an undercount because the counter seems to follow the tablet, not the machine. Underside of the portafilter handle has a couple paint chips.
  • Always used with either low-hardness Manhattan water or Third Wave Water powder in distilled water.
  • Removable group parts and exposed brass head regularly cleaned with Cafiza.
  • Includes original custom rolling case and outer box.
I switched to a manual lever for a while for hobbying's sake. An NY apartment can't hold two machines.

I can ship within the US at extra cost, charged at my FedEx cost. Local pickup (lower Manhattan) would be preferred.

Thinking $2,450. A DE1PRO of the current version (with group head controller) is now $3,400 + $355 shipping with a 12-week backlog. I'm adding a Skale and the various accessories and avoiding the backlog and shipping from Hong Kong. But of course this item is (gently) used and control is exclusively through the tablet on this model. So I made up a discount rate.

Group head with spacer installed:

With the Skale and stand, and without the second handle, which I never found necessary: