[SOLD] Decent Barista Kit (Tamper, baskets, temp probe, pitchers, funnel, tamping station, cups)

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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Selling a decent barista kit. The scale broke and is not included. V1 tamper without the leveling. One of the handles on one of the glasses is cracked at one of the points where it connects to the cup

Selling for $190 local, or $230 shipped in the US (big box and heavy item means expensive shipping)

Full list of components and asking prices without shipping if you want to break up the kit:

Tamping station - 50
Tamper v1 (flat) - 50
Two glasses (one with cracked handle) - 8 for uncracked, 6 for cracked
15,18,20,22 gram baskets - 18 each
Funnel (not magnetized) - 18
Temperature probe (Fahrenheit) - 30
350 ml pitcher competition spout -25
600 ml pitcher competition spout -25
Carrying case - 35
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