[SOLD] DE1PRO black 110V 1.42 w/ Espresso Full Setup (Lancaster, PA)

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I'm putting a feeler out for a in-person sale of a Decent Espresso DE1Pro 1.42 in Black with everything you need to make solid espresso. There are only 275 shots and 160 steam on the counter as of today.

I'm including the following:
- DE1PRO 1.42 in black w/ XL Steam wand v2
- Skale v2 with printed adapter
- SWORKSDESIGN water tank lid (https://sworksdesign.com/Water-Tank-Lid ... p322294148)
- Decent Knockbox
- WDT Tool, Decent Funnel, Normcore tamp, Bplus mesh filter and custom tamping station in bamboo
- Decent Basket Kit (15g, 18g, 20g, 22g)

This setup is everything you need to pull amazing shots of various styles. If you were to buy this all new, it would cost around $4100. Here is a breakdown:

DE1PRO - $3400
Normcore - $50
Decent Knockbox - $69
Milk Jug - $33
Baskets - $80
Funnel - $80
V2 Steam Wand - $179
Tank lid - $69
Bplus mesh filter - $33
Custom tamping stand - $100

I'm asking $3750 OBO if the transaction is done in person. I do not want to ship at this time, but would consider it for a motivated buyer.

If you would like just the DE1PRO itself plus only a few of the listed items, we can figure out a fair price for that as well.