[SOLD] DE1+ v1.1 with Extras

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Purchased June 2019 and in perfect condition. Serial number 540 and has the 1500watt heaters for faster steaming when Decent releases their new firmware. Used for 1-2 espressos per day. Will ship in original suitcase.

Extras Include:
Skale and Decent 3D printed stand. Also includes Damien's Skale Caddy. Skale Caddy mounts the Skale under the drip tray and has a built in drip tray cover to weight only the cup and espresso and not the drip tray. ($125 value)

PEEK Spacer ($45 value)

IMS CI200IM Shower Screen ($20 value)

7g and 15g baskets ($50 value). Also includes the 18g basket that came with the machine.

New Stainless Steel Drip Tray Cover and choice of free jug or thermometer* ($30+ value)*

*I sent my stainless steel drip tray to Decent Espresso to help when they were in need of additional drip tray covers to fulfill new orders. Since I was using the Skale Caddy I didn't have a need to the cover at the time. Decent will be sending out replacement covers when they become available and including a free gift (Jug or Thermometer) as a token of appreciation.

Asking $2200 + shipping. I'm located about 5 miles north of Charlotte, NC and can do local pickup as well.