[SOLD] Crossland CC1 With Boiler Pressure Gauge and Accessories

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Price is 325 shipped!
For sale is a used CC1 with a pressure gauge that a buddy and I have been working on. Just running out of time with school and hoping to find someone to take care of it.
Machine has a new IMS shower screen, two spouted portafilters, 2 20g filter baskets, one single shot basket, spare water tank, tamper, spare tubing, and a Boiler Pressure gauge.

The machine has been de-scaled thoroughly but is still putting out some tiny particles (as full disclosure) and we just haven't had the time to descale things separately.
It was used as a demo from First Line but has seen very little use and mainly just sat empty in a warehouse for the last few years until it came to us. I would recommend doing your own de-scale and soaking the individual parts but we have used it for just espresso and have had no issues for the last month or so.

Price reduced to $325 shipped from Albany, NY
Item will be shipped in original packaging