[SOLD] Crossland CC1 v1.5

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Up for sale is my Crossland CC1 v1.5 originally purchased new from Seattle Coffee Gear in 2017. This was my first machine and was used regularly (2-3 shots a day) for approximately 3 years without issue until I got another machine in 2020. Machine has sat since then with only occasional usage - once a year or so. Selling because I am moving back across the country shortly and do not want to take it with me.

Price: $100 (down from $200) OBO, cash or zelle
Local pickup only at this time. Located in Maple Valley, WA (Seattle Area)

Comes with original accessories including:
Double spouted portafilter
Single and Double Baskets
User Manual

The good:

Machine appears to function fine. Recently I turned it on and allowed to come up to temp, verified steam worked, and successfully pulled a test shot.
It has not experienced any internal or external leaking. The interior is very clean (see photo).
Was regularly backflushed and descaled when in use.

The bad:

Before the recent test run, it sat for over a year. Probably needs a good general cleaning, backflush, etc.
Could use a new brew gasket. The current one is still usable, but near the end of it's life.
There is some minor marking / scratches on top panel from placing cups and a couple minor blemishes on one side. See photos.
Although I descaled regularly and didn't experience issues, I generally used tap water in the machine and was in an area with moderately hard water (Lived in Kansas City at the time).
Test shot was slow with a bit of detectable pump modulation(?) sound. Hard to tell if abnormal without more testing / dialing in the grind.

I've attempted to price this appropriately with the above mentioned maintenance history and with the knowledge that some tinkering may be required if there is a pump or pressure issue.