[FS] Compak F10 Fresh Conical grinder - East Coast Edition (Northern Va)

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#1: Post by AllenBW » Nov 11, 2019, 7:37 pm

East Coast edition! (saw the west coast one for sale, thought I'd also post)

it's this: http://www.compak.es/en/f10-conic-fresh-od.php
give your shop the upgrade it deserves!

A conical burr, doserless, on demand, timed, grinding beast for your shop (or if yer a lil wild, coffee gulping home). This thing has large conical burrs (opposed to flat) that spin slowly (317 rpm) to create a fine grind every time (conical burrs have more grinding area, slow speed means less heat on the beans messin with the taste).

* short (2.5lb) and tall (5lbs) hopper
* brand new upper and lower burr housing (with paperwork)
* brand new (less than 20 lbs) burrs
* 100% awesome

Photos show burr wear count and dose 1 absolute count

asking $1870.00, not keen on shipping, located in nothern virginia