[SOLD] Compak E5 On-Demand Grinder (Matte Black)

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Original owner with no problems at all. This grinder is amazing! Selling all of my equipment and just don't have time for this hobby anymore due to traveling for job. .

Payment: Payment through PayPal only.

Compak E5 On Demand (Matte Black): $580 (Retails for $1,083 +tax at Chris' Coffee)
• Dimensions: 16.7"H x 6.3"W x 14.8"D
• Weight: 13.4 lbs
• Hopper Capacity: 800 g

NOTE: Machined aluminum Single Doser with Bean Weight not included, but can be purchased additionally for $40.

Description from Chris' Coffee Website:

One of the highest performing grinders in its class. In 1952 Jesus Ascaso founded Compak with an objective in mind, to manufacture a coffee grinder that was functional, simplistic, and built to perfection. Since that time Compak has continued to bring to market high quality coffee grinders that are ahead of their time. Compak has worked in collaboration with some of the most prestigious designers in world to bring to market coffee grinders that are not only functional but extremely attractive as well. Compak grinders can be found in some of the best hotels, restaurants, and coffee houses around the world.

Compak's Essential On Demand line of espresso grinders perfectly encapsulated their brand. They all feature swift and easy-to-use operation, technological advancements, and a sleek design. The most notable distinction of the EOD grinder is its electronic touch screen, which is fully programmable (automatic or pre-selection) and has key features such as a shot counter and display options.

Reminder: When you're adjusting your grinder finer you must always have it running so you do not jam the burrs!