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BLUF: New in crate Coffeetech FZ94 roaster for $10,500 picked up in Boulder.

About three years ago as I contemplated retirement, I went through a phase of "I want to be a master roaster". I took classes at Mill City in Minneapolis and purchased a series of ever more expensive and functional roasters as I tried to improve my technique. I finally landed on the CTE FZ94 as my final small batch roaster. I believe that this is truly the ne plus ultra of small-batch roasters. It offers the greatest degree of control of the roast process and the most insight into process parameters.

After the usual transaction, shipping, customs, and importation delays a large crate with the FZ was delivered to my garage, where it has been sitting unopened for the past two years. In the interim, with severe back problems and other health issues I lost my interest in being a roaster and decided to focus instead on consuming good coffee.

An FZ945 in this exact configuration would run in excess of $13,000 with the usual Covid-induced lengthy lead times. I am selling this new machine in its crate as shipped to me for $10,500 picked up in Boulder. Since it is still in its crate, I can only offer pictures of the crate with the product label and my address shown. I will be happy to email evidenced photos to interested parties.

Terms: This is high dollar transaction so it would be best if prospective buyers contact me and we discuss details on a video call. In summary, I will need a deposit to open the crate and show the roaster; you will have to arrange for freight pickup at my residence and will cover all shipping costs. Funds will have to clear into my bank account before the crate is picked up
Manufacturer's Description wrote:The FZ94 Pro-Lab Roaster was designed with Roast-Masters in mind. It is simply the most advanced roaster of its kind in the world. This unique coffee roaster truly offers total control over the roast process while still maintaining user-friendly operations, a small footprint, a stunning design, and outstanding roast quality over the entire capacity range. The roasting capacity range in the FZ94 is anything from 100 gr to 2.4 kg (0.2 - 5.3 lbs.). Roasting with the FZ94 Pro-Lab Roaster allows Roast-Masters and true aficionados to experience and experiment with the widest spectrum of roasting factors possible.The FZ94 embeds speed control for the drum, and another one for the drum venting blower while temperatures are measured by three individual digital probes and PID controllers.

Technical Specifications
Batch Capacity: 0.1- 2.4 kg (0.2 - 5.3 lbs.) of green coffee
Roasting Cycle: 16-18 minutes for a full batch (after preheat)
Quality and safety compliance: CE, RoHS, EMC
Electrical Specifications: 220-240 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 3600 Watt single phase
Drum Motor: 1/8 HP AC, heavy duty
Heating Method: Special made, electrical, high temp heating elements (3X1000 watt)
Chaff Collection: Cyclone type chaff collector for roasting and an additional trap box type chaff collector for the cooling
Operation Method: Individual, manual operation of heating elements; digital frequency inverters for controlling convection vs conduction ratio (airflow blower) & drum speed
Cooling: An external cooling group with removable perforated aluminum pan for immediate heat absorption and transformation, with a high capacity centrifugal cooling blower
Process Quality Control: Large Pyrex lens, sampler, and three separate temperature displays (beans, drum ambiance, and exhaust) for optimal monitoring of your roasting progress, "Artisan" data logging compliant and enabled
Dimensions: 67(w) X 77 (d) X 88 (h) cm / 26(w) X 30(d) X 35(h) Inch
Weight: 65 kg (143 Lbs)