[SOLD] Coffee Freshness System Eliminates Air. Keeps Coffee Fresh With CO2.

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Coffee Freshness System. Replaces air (O2) which makes coffee beans or grounds stale---with pressurized CO2. So beans or grounds stay fresher longer. Uses CO2 canisters of the Sodastream variety, available at Walmart and other retailers--or you can use CO2 in 20-50 lb cylinders from stores like Airgas. The setup you see in my pictures allows both options. The pictures show the gauge which is used only if you decide to use larger tanks of CO2. Otherwise the long black "tower" in the pictures would be used to hold a smaller CO2 cylinder (Sodastream for example). The special proprietary coffee storage containers can be opened and re-pressurized as often as needed to keep your coffee fresh. Far superior to the one-way valve bag, vacuum sealing and the so called airtight canisters that are sold everywhere. I tried them all and found them inferior to the Coffee Freshness system. The system is unique, amazing and will last a lifetime.

There are a total of 6 containers in this listing to allow storing several coffee varieties at the same time.
This system new costs $1300. I am selling the system because caffeine affects my recently diagnosed health condition. This is the last item from my coffee equipment that I am selling. Everything works perfectly. You will not be disappointed. You can read about the system at http://www.coffeefreshness.com. Robert Wallach is the CEO of Coffee Freshness and stands behind his system, whether it is owned by the original buyer or by any subsequent owner. I confirmed this with Robert before listing it for sale.
Asking $595 which includes shipping within the lower 48 states. Will take reasonable offers. Contact me at jmwala@gmail.com.