[SOLD] Bunzilla Ditting 804 burrs with spacer + hacked G1

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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I purchased these burrs directly from Ditting USA a few years ago and had the spacer custom machined. I would approximate no more than 500lbs has been run through these burrs so they are just about broken in. If you're looking for a burr set that will work well across all brewing methods, look no further.

Hacked/modded G1: I chopped the base and removed the upper shroud to streamline it as much as possible and deleted the safety switch so that the on/off toggle is only needed to turn the grinder on. I installed the Trifecta stepless plate which has allowed me to use the grinder for espresso. It's a little gnarly looking but it functions perfectly!

I would like to get $300 for the burrs and spacer and $50 for the grinder but I am open to offers!

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