[SOLD] Bunn Trifecta MB, Baratza Forte BG, OE Apex

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Good Day All!

I am looking to do some downsizing/swapping to make some room for new toys to test. All available in Indiana (or within reasonable driving distance) for local pickup.

First is a Bunn Trifecta MB. This is a great machine and dare I say the best home automatic single cup brewer. Makes a great cup and very easy to use. Includes 2 "baskets" and has no know issues. Condition is used daily but good. Asking $350 plus shipping.

Second is a Baratza Forte BG with steel burrs. I have aligned this to the best of my ability and will say it produces a darn fine cup. It has largely been replaced by the Ditting Lab Sweet. Again, used daily and condition is not perfect cosmetically. Asking $575 plus shipping.

Finally I am letting go of the OE Apex. Another great grinder for filter, but cannot compete in terms of convenience to the Lab Sweet. The newest of the bunch purchased this summer and only used at work (yes, I am still going to the office). Condition is very good. Asking $350 $300 plus shipping.

In terms of trades, I have a few current interests. I will be purchasing a ratio six and would rather trade for one if they are out there (will consider an eight). I would also like to try a MC4, Lagom P64, or any other of the "king of single dose grinders." I also have a fascination with Strietmans if somebody is looking to trade one off. I can throw in additional coffee items or cash for some of the aforementioned desirables if interested. Feel free to PM me with questions about any of these devices!