[SOLD] Breville Dual Boiler new in box

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This is a warranty replacement. I had a BDB that had a leaky steam valve that was still under warranty and Breville is sending me a brand new (not refurbished) machine. I've decided to put it up for sale and go a different route.

This purchase will be for someone who wants to be a BDB long hauler, which the machine is capable of with proper care and maintenance as seen in the various BDB threads here.

Included will be:
  • BDB new in box with all standard accessories
  • BDB OEM bottomless portafilter, used ($80)
  • extra used double spout portafilter (useful to have with blind basket inserted for back flushing
  • extra drip tray (useful if you want to do the acaia lunar scale flush mount mod and want a normal drip tray option as well)
  • new OEM steam valve replacement. Hard to find piece that is usually out of stock or on back order. ($40)
  • stainless steel dispersion disc that replaces the plastic OEM one. This piece is notorious for eventually cracking ($60 with IMS screen)
  • IMS shower screen x 2 ($30)
  • Cafelat silicone group gasket
  • bag of #8 o rings that seal most of the openings to the boilers. It's recommended to inspect yearly and change if leaking
$1450 local sale or $1500 shipped
If not interested in all the extras, $1350 local or $1400 shipped

Will post pics of the actual machine in box when I get it on 6/27, but not planning on opening the box so that the new owner can have the pleasure of unboxing for the first time unless requested by buyer.