[SOLD] Breville Dual Boiler BES920XL

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Hi all,

I've upgraded to a DE1PRO so I'm looking to pass along my Breville Dual Boiler. I got it new in late 2018, It's got fewer than 400 shots through it (307 by my count but rounding up), comes with all* the stock accessories, and was well taken care of (only RPavlis RO water in it, descaled when prompted by the machine, and back-flushed every few days).

*I haven't seen the steam wand tool lately, but I can include a 3d printer nozzle cleaner in it's place.

Included is everything pictured (and some not pictured): milk pitcher, tamper, the portafilter, all four baskets, the stopper, and the razor tool. I've also got the original box, and original shipping box.

I don't have a ton of posts here, but lurk a lot, and I'm happy to talk more to prove I'm not a robot.

Asking $940 shipped CON-US, or $900 local to Albany NY. Only looking for Paypal G&S as it's the only insured payment method and one I feel most comfortable with.

Thanks for looking!

Full album and lots more photos here!