[SOLD] Breville Dual Boiler (BDB) BES920XL

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I decided to upgrade, so selling this freshly refurbished machine. The machine was new in July 2019, and then was just refurbished by Breville (March 2021) for the boiler O-rings and a dripping hot water dispenser. Duty cycle since new was: on in the morning via timer, make 2-3 drinks and then powered off after being on ~2 hours. Repeat daily. I descaled when promted by the machine, likely not necessary as our water is only single digit ppm.

No shots have been pulled since it was refurbished (bought a new machine before sending it for repair), but it was filled and tested for leaks and to run a few shots with the blind back-flush disk to verify it is working and that the leaks were actually repaired.

Extra portafilter is handy, as you can leave one with the blind disk in it for easy back-flush. You could have 1 as double, 1 single, and 1 back-flush

* 2 dual spout portafilters
* 1 bottomless portafilter
* 1 dual wall single basket
* 1 dual wall double basket
* 2 single wall single basket
* 2 single wall double basket
* 2 back-flush disks
* 3 tampers:
* Breville original
* Rattleware
* Luxhaus "calibrated"
* Tamping mat
* Breville steaming pitcher
* Old style and new style water filter holders
* Extra water tank available (perhaps if you want to mod for self-filling with a float valve)
* 2 "razors"
* All original tool/accessories
* Original Manual

If I can find the bag of replacement O-rings that I had for my previous BDB I will toss them in as well.

Asking $900 OBO plus buyer pays shipping, it will ship in two boxes. The machine will ship in the Breville packaging I received it back in, the accessories will be packaged with great care. If same buyer purchase my Vario that is listed separately I will discount the two in the same transaction. Can accept credit card via Square if you are comfortable with it or PayPal.

More photos can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/RORzRz4/