[SOLD] Bezzera Strega Lever Espresso Machine (Santa Cruz, CA)

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Bezzera Strega lever espresso machine for sale, $1400.

This is a single group 58mm spring lever machine. This machine has been on the market for a while and all the kinks have been worked out. Easy to service and parts are readily available. Bezzera was an early espresso machine maker and produces great machines in Italy.

Recently I replaced and relived the grouphead gasket, the lever seals, the steam and hot water seals. This is essentially all of the wearing rubber components.

It has been lovingly taken care of and fed bottled water over most of its life. It is running off a tank but can be plumbed into a water line.

It has several modifications done. The first is adding a pressure gauge. This reads during preinfusion and stops half way through the shot.

The second is a PID temperature controller for the group head heaters. This is easily adjustable to your desired shot temperature and avoids the need to manage the temperature of the machine by flushing. This PID was installed by a professional in 2015 and has not skipped a beat.

The third is a new vacuum breaker with a hose that vents to the drip tray.

I have also removed the inner spring, which I can replace in a few minutes. This produces a 9 bay shot that is more forgiving than the stock 11bar.

This machine is up to temp and ready to rock in about 10 minutes. No need for flushing or temperature surfing like a normal heat exchanger or any E-61 machine thanks to the PID brass grouphead.

Because of the design you can stop the pump driven preinfusion at any pressure by slightly lifting the lever and hold it until drips land in the cup. Then you are ready for full pressure where you let go of the lever and let it do its declining pressure spring lever magic. This helps extract even the lightest coffees.

I'm happy to have the machine hot and pull some shots.

Comes with bottomless portafilter only.

No shipping. Located in Santa Cruz, CA

Plenty of video reviews and forum posts about this machine. It sells new for $2,700 plus tax and shipping. Save $1,300

https://www.wholelattelove.com/collecti ... so-machine

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