[SOLD] Bentwood Vertical 63 (Virginia)

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Looking to sell my 6 month old Bentwood V63, bought it brand new at $2750. This grinder is absolutely amazing I am a little sad to sell it but my partner says it's too big. While I've had it, I've modded it to single dosing. I unplugged the fans, I got a 3d printed hopper to accommodate the silicone bellows, and added a platform that can go up and down with a glass dosing cup that fits 58mm portafilter with a dosing funnel pretty well. I no longer have the wooden plate that sits at the base of the grinder (not sure where it went). Happy to receive offers.

My price is $2200 shipping included with signature confirmation and insurance for the 48 states.