[SOLD] Bay Area Hive Roaster w Thermocouple

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Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. I'm putting up for sale my Hive roaster that includes a k thermocouple I installed. This roaster got me into this journey where I never again have to rely on anyone else and can completely control roast level and outcome. The best part is the ability to roast over my stove rain or shine. I usually roast between 180-210 grams at a time, and from beginning to end takes 12-13:30 mins on ~medium flame. I'm a strictly espresso and latte consumer and prefer a medium to light dark roast. If you prefer light then stop around first crack which is around 10:30 mins. And yes you can uninstall the thermocouple if you prefer. I'm looking for $55 picked up in Union City (shipping CONUS add $10). Cheers