[SOLD] Baratza Vario

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Selling a Baratza Vario. I purchased this grinder as a refurb from Baratza in February 2019 with the ceramic burrs. Minimal use with the ceramic burrs, I had another grinder that I liked better for espresso, so I'd guess less than 5lb of coffee ground with them. Purchased and installed the steel burrs in it in May 2019, and used it for pourover and drip brew grinding duty until a couple months ago when I started using a different grinder for that duty. Estimated 52lb of coffee ground with the steel burrs based on my records and usage patterns. Baratza estimates burr life of 500-1000 lb for the steel burrs and 1000-1500 for the ceramic, so lots of life left in them. Other than changing burrs, I have done no modifications to the grinder. Any questions? Please ask!

Asking $425.

I have it boxed up in the packaging that it was shipped to me in, so I can ship quickly. I typically get a little better rates with my personal fedex account than UPS, but can ship with either. Ships from 60062 (Northbrook, IL).