[FS] Baratza Sette 270wi grinder

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Offering my Baratza 270w... which was upgraded to a wi version through a kit from Baratza. The grinder is almost exactly 3 years old, purchased in February 2018.

On average I've used it for 2 espressos a day for the past 3 years. Unit is clean and the burrs look very good... I've never had a rock or any other debris run through. I don't see any visible scratches or marks of any kind, even the hopper shows no marks of wear.

The grinder comes in the original box and packaging with everything as shipped from Baratza - grinder, hopper, grinds catcher, power cord, Allen wrenches, and paperwork (quick start guide).

I'm also including two custom accessories I had 3D printed for the 270wi. I've included pictures of both of these below.
- The first is a dosing funnel for a 58mm portafilter that fits over the ears of the portafilter and has a notch in the back to fit snuggly in the grinder while still allowing the scale in the grinder to work effectively. This keeps the grinds under control when doing large doses.
- The second is a single dosing funnel and "plunger" to replace the hopper. Appreciate that it kind of defeats the weighing function of the grinder if you are pre-weighing beans for single dosing, but i found this is a very good single dosing grinder with very low retention and it was nice to to 20oz of beans going in and getting 19.9 or 20oz of beans coming out and not having to weigh it separately.

I'm looking to get $425 plus shipping.