[SOLD] Baratza Forte BG - Alicorn Aligned

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Baratza Forte BG that is alicorn aligned for $500 plus shipping to CONUS via PayPal with a confirmed/verified address. This ships from Madison, AL 35756 in a 8x13x15 15 pound package. I'm selling as I have a Monolith Flat Max and no longer need this grinder. I've used this both for brew coffee and espresso, it definitely performs above it's weight class for both purposes.

I'm the original owner, purchased this November 2020 from Whole Latte Love. I've used it for about 1 pound of coffee a week ~80 pounds. It's very convenient to use as it grinds by weight. You can see the extra spacer like the 2 below the steel burrs in the grinder. I have the original box, alignment t tool, and burr removal tool included.

2 spacers like this are used as part of the alicorn process.