[SOLD] Baratza Encore w/ Virtuoso Burr

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

#1: Post by JayBeck »

For sale is my beloved Baratza Encore. It has been upgraded to the burr that is in the Virtuoso, making it the exact same grinder with the only differences being the black plastic vs stainless and the auto timer knob. I actually prefer the look of the Encore to the Virtuoso and the timer is a gimmick as you'll likely single dose this grinder anyways. This makes this set up an incredible value for the money.

Grinder is in mint condition and has been gently used over the past few years in my personal office (grinding enough beans for 3-5 Areopress per week at the most).

Cost: $100 + actual shipping UPS Ground. Payment via Paypal.