[SOLD] Baratza Encore, Oxo brewer, Pure over, Bunn SSP Burrs, Bunn Grinder

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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Selling a bunch of items I had in storage due to moving.
Bunnzilla, Silver Knight SSP burrs with a few pounds on them. I used this as a brew grinder for a bit but it was too much effort to keep using. Has the trifecta plate installed. Burrs are not aligned precisely, I was never happy with the foil alignment and gave up eventually. Will include the original burrs in the SSP box.

Asking 600 for this local to Lakewood, CO

Baratza Encore + Oxo Barista Brain brewer:
Encore has been burr swapped, I have the old burrs. I bought the encore refurbished and it has been well-used.
Perfect little office coffee setup, but I want to just brew at home nowadays and use good cups to keep them hot.

Asking 150 for the two, local to Denver

Pure Over: Glass brewer from kickstarter. I liked the coffee it makes and it looks pretty, but it's another unnecessary coffee thing I need to reduce from my collection. 40 local, 50 shipped.

Hario pourover stand:

I have one of these already, but got an extra due to shipping getting messed up. Will come free to whoever wants it first that's buying something else here local.
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