[FS] Astra Gourmet with extras!

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I moved to a smaller lever machine recently and it's finally time to send my Astra Gourmet to its next home. I've had this machine for a while and have maintained it extensively over the years (new heating element, seals, switches, pumps, computer, etc etc). Astra is a great US brand and makes real workhorse machines and has excellent customer service. Here are the specs for a new one, mine is substantially the same:


This machine is plumbed in and I was in the middle of adding an external pump. The machine is in full working condition as is, but I set up a relay/pump motor and never really tested it. But it's straightforward if you want to go for it - the Astra is pretty quiet but this would make it totally silent.

Also included is a full complement accessories (dispersion screens, precision baskets, portafilters, etc) to go with the Astra.

I really need to get this thing out the door to make room for some lever rebuilds. Looking for $400 OBO, thanks for looking!