[FS] Astoria Argenta (HX) one group

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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For your consideration a commercial one group well built unit that needs a new group to boiler gasket. It leaks there because the gasket I installed has a path for a thermocouple wire which becomes a path for leak.

The machine is too big to ship UPS intact so I would have to dismantle it. But now I must at least partially break it down to remove my thermometry and replace the gasket, fix the leak. So I thought I might just break it on down for an HB sell.

The auto dosimeter function is broken. It is manual and I added a pump switch to allow line level pre-infusion. It has a new fill solenoid. I will ship with the new gasket and a new portafilter gasket, either the spouted OR the Espresso Parts bottomless portafilter. And a double and single basket. None of pictured cups, tamper, thermometer or thermocouples included.

Price (PayPal) if you do the work of gasket replacement and leak resolution $350 + shipping.

Price if I resolve the leak and you come test and take it home $700.

PM me with inquiries.
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