[WTB] Assorted items for plumbing a vintage lever

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Hello friends!

Having recently purchased a vintage lever from one of the members of this amazing forum, I am now setting about getting it to operation on my counter.

I am hoping to get a number of parts and items in this endeavor - I try to always check this forum just in case folks have stuff they are not using / extras that are gathering dust they would like to sell and see being used on another kitchen counter vs gather dust in storage.

If you have some or combination of below please let me know. I am located in Hoboken, NJ and can travel a reasonabl distance via public transport - or we can discuss shipping as is mutually amenable.

Hit me up!

(1) Flojet or similar setup - ideally bW5000
(2) Plumbing supplies /misc - I plan to do an under sink RO, so need anything relevant to that incl a system if you have one and has useful life, fittings, 1/4 John guest stuff tubing etc, spiral tubing
(3) Spare machine parts - barbed vac breaker, hi limit thermostat, (4) safety valve (m19 thread)
(5) Gaggia Orione lever group parts - any spare parts, gaskets, etc
(6) Hi limit thermostat for a commercial vintage lever
(7) Could potentially also be interested in electronics like PIDs, SSRs or an auto fill controller/sensor combo
(8) anything else you might think might be useful for setting up or running a vintage Gaggia commercial lever machine!