[FS] Arrarex/VAM Caravel pair and accessories

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As I prepare for a move, I'm parting with some dearly loved projects and machines.

Up for sale is a fully functional Arrarex Caravel v1.1 I bought in April of 2020 (from another HBer) and a VAM 1.0 I bought in 2013. In early 2020, I spilled water on the VAM and it shorted some of the ancient Italian wiring. I took it apart but never got back to fixing it -- using the v1.1 in its stead until my Cremina SL arrived. I've been accruing baskets and accessories since 2013, and it is all up for sale.

Price: $650 OBO
Payment: Paypal
Shipping: Buyer pays shipping; preferably US

- Working Caravel 1.1
- Parted VAM 1.0
- 10 different portafilter baskets
- Two tampers (OE, Mocca)
- One OE funnel
- Original VAM portafilter, Arrarex portafilter, Naked bottomless portafilter, Brooks bottomless portafilter
- Extra heating element
- Extra set of Brooks seals
- Orphan Espresso toolbag
- Habor thermometer and FDA silicone square (on thermometer)

(This should all be represented in the pictures!)

The VAM piston has Trukaffe seals on it.
The v1.1 has Brooks seals on it.

I'm open to splitting these up, but I'm not sure yet how that would look.

LMWDP #411