[SOLD] Alex Duetto III with Flow Control

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Up for sale is our Alex Duetto III by Izzo with the Flow Control Mod from Lelit. The machine was purchased from Chris' Coffee in 2016 and the flow control was the preorder from 1st Line. Everything is in great working condition. The chrome has scratches on the drip and warming trays consistent with use, but otherwise looks great. Upgraded to walnut joystick steam and water wands/knobs.

It was plumbed with filtered and softened water for it's entire life. When I pulled the mushroom for installing the flow control there was no scale on it.

Comes with everything seen below. Original single and double spout portafilters, walnut bottomless portafilter, Rancilio bottomless portafilter. Original mushroom and spring if you'd like to switch back to traditional e61. Cafelat gaskets galore, (red or blue depending on portafilter, currently blue for walnut bottomless). VST 21g basket, generic double basket. Plumbing and drain hoses. Original steam and hot water knobs/wands. Izzo 3, 4, and 5-hole steam tips. Thermometer. Generic tamper. Walnut Cafelat precision tamper (put in the dishwasher and shiny coating has been removed, functionally still great). Spare mesh filter and gicleur for the flow control insert. 15amp plug, not pictured.

$1,400 plus shipping, although I'd much prefer local. Located in Vail, CO, but willing to drive to Grand Junction or Denver