[SOLD] ACS Vesuvius (Minneapolis, MN)

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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I've decided to sell my Vesuvius because I've become obsessed with lever machines.

This Vesuvius is in perfect condition aside from some very light signs of wear on the drip tray from normal use.

Everything else is in perfect condition and has been carefully maintained and used with filtered water.

Beautiful wood trim.

Machine is about 1.5 years old and has been used for 1-2 shots per day.

Includes 5 portafilters (3 bottomless), matching tamper, precision IMS dispersion screen, silicone gaskets, spare parts and seals.

This machine has great capabilities and offers flexibility and profiling that is usually only found in much more expensive machines. High quality construction and components, all stainless steel construction and tubing, gear driven pump. 5 programmable profiles with 7 segments. Real time switching between profiles. 2 daily programmable on-off sequences.

More details on the Vesuvius can be found here: https://www.espressooutlet.net/vesuvius ... o-machine/

Asking $3250.00

I'm located near Minneapolis, MN and would prefer to sell the machine locally or to meet someone within reasonable driving distance rather than risk shipping the machine. I can arrange to have it shipped if necessary.