[SOLD] ACF Tulip Demis, D'Ancap Cappuccino Cups, ACME Taster Cups, Italian Latte Cups, other drinkware

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Hey all, acquired more cups than i know what to do with so putting some back stock up for sale.


All will be dish washed and thoroughly sanitized before shipment. Ships from toronto ontario, and I will ship internationally as well. Buy more and save more, let me know what you want and we can workout a price with shipping.

23x Brown ACF 2oz demitasses. 17 saucers if you want
$5 each with a saucer until I run out. I will discount if you want multiples or the whole lot even.

3x Lavazza Branded D'Ancap Cappuccino Cups, included saucers
$15 For the lot

6x Ricard Gionori 12oz Latte Cups, saucers included but not shown
No idea about the brand but they're nice quick quality porcelain
$25 for the lot

2x Bodum Pavina Espresso cups
$17 for both

6 NIB ACME 110ml Tasting Cups
Brand new, I only opened them to insure no damage. New is $42 USD from ACME, take them off my hands for $25

10 ACME 110ml Tasting Cups
$3.75 each, will bundle for less

9 Rhinoware Cupping Bowl with spoons incl.
$4 each with spoon