[SOLD] Acaia Lunar 2021 - Black (Model AL008)

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Hi all,
I have this Acaia Lunar Model AL008 in black that I purchased direct from Acaia on February 02, 2022 for $250 + Shipping. It ended up not getting very much use although it isn't in exquisite condition. The close-up picture of the scale shows a circular stain on the scale from the cup I used - not sure how it happened to leave a mark, but maybe it can be removed with something besides alcohol-based cleaner.

Pictures show Serial Number and all accessories that will be included with purchase, which is everything that came with my purchase from Acaia.

I also have two 12-packs of Commercial Bean Cellars from Weber Workshops. One pack unused and still in original bubble wrap, while the other pack was used with care for a couple of months. These are great for expediting your single dosing grinder workflow and have their proprietary one-way valve system that allows CO2 from fresh beans to outgas, displacing the lighter oxygen out of the valve at the top of the cap. I paid $45 per 12-pack + shipping, direct from Weber Workshops.

I am asking $200 shipped CONUS, with any shipping expenses in excess of $20 to be paid at buyer's expense.

For the bean cellars, in combination with the scale I'd be happy to include 1x 12-pack for $30 flat or $60 for both