[FS] 969.coffee Elba 3 w/ Lelit Flow Control (Tulsa)

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Purchased May 2019 from Whole Latte Love and has seen a lot of use in the past year. It has been used every day, traveled across the Midwest with me, catered weddings, and served many family gatherings. Even paired with a commercial grinder doing 1 cappuccino every 2 minutes, I could not outrun this machine - it works very well for serving back-to-back drinks. Excellent steam power and quick recovery. It runs pretty hot and steams excellently with with the pressurestat set to cycle between 1.3-1.5, but I have it turned down to 1.0-1.2 since the addition of the flow control to try to better manage the brew temps with the decreased flow rate. Steam power is fair at the lower pressurestat setting.

  • Lelit Flow Control
  • Eric's E61 Thermometer
  • Luminaire Shot Timer (works 99% of the time, I have it on the vibe pump but it's really designed to be on a solenoid, so it can show an error on occasion)
  • Stainless Mushroom from Chris' Coffee
  • Single spout portafilter modified by EspressoParts to bottomless
Comes with EspressoParts HQ 14g and 21g baskets, as well as stock blind, single and double.
Barista hustle tamper.
All original parts to return E61 to stock configuration, except for the screw in the port where the thermometer goes - can't seem to find that.
Various Teflon washers for group rebuild

The pressure gauge was warrantied about 6 months ago - the pulses from the vibe pump shake the needle and slowly vibrate the thing to death. This one shakes with the pump pulses, but still works. I wouldn't be surprised if this one gave up before long too.

The cup tray is designed to slide forward so you can fill the tank, but the needle valve is in the way, so I took the guide screw off to allow the cup tray to be lifted off.

The drip tray has many scratches on it, the machine is not cosmetically flawless.

The double spouted portafilter has seen the most use, so the finish is slightly yellowed in comparison to the bottomless, which is hardly used.

The vacuum breaker is a bit finicky, sometimes I have to purge the "false pressure" in the morning because it has been stuck. I suspect it may need replacing before long.

It had issues with thermosyphon stall for a while. I noticed some traces of drips from the fittings on the boiler. I tightened these up and haven't had issues since.

Price is $800. I have the majority of the original packaging, but I really prefer not to ship. Local pickup available in Tulsa, OK. I frequent NW Arkansas and Jefferson City, MO.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks!