[SOLD] '74 Olympia Express Club

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This is a project machine, and currently hasn't been pressure tested because it still needs new wiring.

I've been "restoring" this Club for at least 10 years now, slowly creeping forwards one tiny step at a time whenever I don't have a more pressing projects (which is obviously not very often). At this point most of the major stuff has been completed:
  • It has a new vintage drip tray and grate (the nice one without corner seams)
  • It has a sand blasted and powder coated frame and case
  • It has a nice vintage portafilter modded with a spring clip
  • It has new 110v (currently installed) and 220v elements
  • It's boiler has had the lovely asbestos casing removed
  • It has a clean piston with new piston seals and new stainless pins
There's work still to be done, but servicing the group a few days ago reminded me that I don't care anymore...I have too little time and too many other things that need to get done, and I'd really rather be making coffee. Hopefully it can find a new home with someone willing to finish bringing it back to life (or at least someone willing to take it to Cerini's). To that end it comes with a bunch of extra parts including a backup vintage pstat and switch, both of which are pretty clutch vintage details that can't easily be replaced

'74 Olympia Express Club - Project Machine
Price: $1500 OBO
Shipping: Local pickup in the DC area or we can talk about it

russel at anacidicandbitterbeverage dot com