[SOLD] '67 Olympia Cremina 1980

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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I haven't used this machine enough as I have way too many espresso machines and clearing out my inventory to make some room.

My primary machine is a Salvatore Compact Lever that I've use daily.

I've used the cremina on occasion bringing it to friend's homes to make some drinks. It has been primarily a travel machine and was used as a daily driver 5 years ago when I got it.

Seals were replaced a few years ago. Recently fired it up and no leaks anywhere.

The steam wand was replaced and the piston pressure kit from Gabor was installed.

I have a lot of extras including

(1) wood handles by HB's cannonfodder
(2) Richard Penny bottomless PF
(3) Naked PF
(4) extra piston should you wish to not use Gabor's pressure gauge.
(5) OE bag
(6) OE tamper and an extra tamper
(7) OE dosing funnel
(8) spouted portafiler
(9) extra lever pin set - on the machine is a screw in lever pin

I'm asking for $2,000 + actual shipping (recent machine with Gabor pressure kit installed sold for this amount and I'm throwing in a bunch of extras above and beyond what this sold for).

Hate to sell this but it's collecting dust and would be happy for someone else to enjoy it

I can send videos - and extra pics

It's easier to get a hold of me at ecfencing@gmail.com.

I would prefer to have a local sale in the Metro NY area North Jersey, NYC and Westchester.

Right now it's pending local pick up will update if still available.