[FT] 64mm SSP HU burrs for 64mm SSP MP/LU/Brew burrs (UK)

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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I am looking to possibly swap my High Uniformity burrs for the Multipurpose/Brewing/Low Uniformity (whatever their right name is..) burrs.

I can also sell them, but I'd rather wait a few days first to see if anybody wants a swap.

The burrs have had a few kg's worth of beans through (less than 10kg I'd reckon) so they're basically seasoned and they have their entire lifespan ahead (SSP rates them for 1000kg).

The pic is from when I got them, a couple months ago. They're now in my Solo.

I am merely selling as I have now sold my Lelit Bianca and I'm drinking mostly pourover, so I'd be keen to see if there is a difference in taste that I can perceive between the two burr sets, and there's no better way than to try myself.

I can ship UK-wide of course.