[SOLD] 220V 1991 Elektra Microcasa a Leva with accessories

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7 August update: Price drop to $900

I am selling this Elektra MCaL to clear up some funds and to hopefully find a home where it is used more than it currently is.

I bought this machine used and brought back with me to college for use during my junior year. In the time until now the piston seals have been replaced, a new spring rests in the group that I documented in Replacing the Elektra Microcasa a Leva spring.

I consider this machine to be really good in shot quality and its steaming capabilities. In fact I would rate it among the best frothers among the domestic machines, it is really strong.

It is cosmetically in good condition, with some chrome fading on the base of the machine and use scratches. The LED indicating whether the element is on is no longer appearing to work but the rest of the circuit is in good condition and the LED can be replaced.

I am including accessories with the machine. They are the following
-49mm tamper
-49.6mm precision tamper
-Naked Portafilter
-Strietman 13g basket (the precision tamper fits this one)

It works well and I will show you how to use it if you pick up locally. I highly recommend local so I can show its nuances but shipping could be a possibility. I'd include the step up transformer but I still have some little 220V machines that need it still.

I have some spare gaskets for the group I'd have to dig around that I will include with the purchase. A random fact about this machine is it likely was made on the same day as the one Francesco Ceccarelli has. The serial number difference between the two is 13 (58594 vs 58581)

$900 OBO

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