[SOLD] 2021 LONDINIUM R24 Lever Machine w/ EXTRAS!

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Since falling in love with LONDINIUM's R24 Lever espresso machine, I have gone off the deep end and purchased a more expensive lever machine, thinking that I could get an even better tasting shot! I was wrong....
Honestly, the quality of shot that I got from the LONDINIUM was just as great as the shots I get from the pricier lever machine. But, since I cannot afford to keep both, my LONDINIUM is up for sale. It includes the following accessories (with current retail pricing):

1) Bottomless, Wenge hardwood handle portafilter ($69.72)
1) Single spout, Wenge hardwood handle protafilter ($66.40)
1) Double spout, Wenge hardwood handle protafilter ($73.70)
1) 58.8mm Wenge hardwood LONDINIUM tamper ($88.53)
1) Wenge hardwood distribution tool ($43.28)
1) IMS filter basket, rated 18-20g ($15.09)
1) IMS 35µM shower screen ($15.09)
1) Custom tempered glass top cover ($110)
1) Dark Walnut (Wenge-like) espresso shot mirror ($15-$20)
1) Custom Cover set (made by Mildred from Kafatek & Esty forums ($110.82)
1) Optional/Removable pre-infusion restrictor for medium to darker roast coffee beans.
2) I'm also including both the standard R24, self-contained drip tray and the Compressa "plumbable" drip tray, so you can choose your drain setup.

All these items would total more than $4,330, not including shipping or applicable sales tax.

I am selling everything for $3,500 o.b.o. I can ship, at buyer's expense, but would prefer local pick up in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Feel free to contact me, should you have any questions. Thanks!