[SOLD] 2020 Monolith MAX all black

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As title said I have 2020 Monolith Max with SSP burr for sale. I'm the second owner and make 1 shot a day. It's missing mr.Puff and spray bottle (original owner didn't include it). Here is list of options:
Base Monolith Max: $3250
Black Anodize for Body, Exit Chute, Funnel, Safety Cap (+$180.00per item)
Monolith Flat MAX Customization: Black Motor (+$150.00per item)

I also throw in wdt tool and my own puffer tool. Reason for selling because i was able to buy Shuriken LM Max. Asking $3,400 local pickup in Orange County, CA or $3,550 shipped and insured to 48 states