[SOLD] 2020 ECM Casa V Espresso Machine-Never Used

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* I'm new to the forum, but please don't be deterred! I'm a lazy coffee lover with a beautiful machine that needs a great home!

-I purchased this unit in 02/2020 from Whole Latte Love in hopes of becoming an incredible espresso maker. However, the machine would consistently trip the GFI circuit in the kitchen after a few seconds of being turned on. I assumed, incorrectly, that we were lacking amperage on the intended line and installed a new outlet. The problem continued and it turned out to be a heat-sync issue within the machine itself. Although the machine at this point was outside of warranty, Whole Latte Love agreed to fix the problem.

-During this process, I realized I was much too lazy to make coffee this way, and thus purchased a push-button espresso machine.

-Therefore, I have an incredible machine for someone interested, fully repaired from Whole Latte Love, and packaged by them.
-Asking $450 + shipping (located in NYC)
-Complete box weight is 39 lbs.
-I'll also honor a 30 day return policy if purchaser provides a video of the malfunctioning unit, since the machine hasn't been turned on since the repair.