[SOLD] 2011 Synesso Cyncra Single Group w/upgrades

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

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Well...as many of you may know, I run a small coffee business in Austin, TX that was created because of HB and its community. Current events are hitting everyone in my industry hard and most of the shops here have laid off all of their employees. Unfortunately, I am in a situation where I just hired 2 new people who have only been working for 3 weeks and they have only been part time, so laying them off for unemployment would make things very hard for them. Because of this, I am selling my newly rebuilt Synesso Cyncra to try to keep them on the payroll during this time.

The machine was stripped to the frame which you can see in my post and was rebuilt with some modifications. The heating element in the steam boiler is brand new along with all new gaskets and seals from Synesso.



Alcorn Dotshot timer installed

Flow valve installed on machine for full profiling capabilities. This modification alone puts it above most other current machines on the market. Valve fits nicely on the left of the group next to the Dotshot.

Comes with a bottomless filter (not in great cosmetic shape, but functions 100%)
IMS shower screen


Asking $5000 plus freight (approx. $300)

Note from HB: Given Eric's long-standing with the site and his circumstances, this sale is an exception to the "no commercial equipment".