[FS] 2010 Mazzer Kony Grinder (with Auto Fill)

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For sale I have a restored 2010 Mazzer Kony Grinder (w/ Doser) with the auto fill function, this is a great machine that I personally restored that sadly did not end up fitting into my coffee setup. This machine only needed minor cosmetic work and replacements of wear parts in order to be in great condition, the machine initially had pretty scuffed up and chipped paint so I had it professionally sanded and powdercoated, then I replaced all of the bearings and repacked the gear housing with grease! The list pricing is $900 (not including shipping) but I am open to offers and am happy to answer any questions regarding the machine you might have!

The only wear item I did not replace was the connical burrs as they were still in great shape, however I would be willing to replace the burrs by request for an additional $200!

Attached are some pictures of the grinder, it works great but was just a little too big to have in my at home coffee setup. This grinder would be great for a small to medium Cafe as a primary grinder, a large Cafe as a primary or secondary grinder, or at a home that needs a low noise grinder as this grinder is very quiet due to the large (63mm), slow rotating burrs.

I am happy to answer any questions anyone might have, and I appreciate you taking the time to look at my listing

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Bumping this post with an update, looking as I'm not getting much traction at the price point listed, I'm lowering the starting price down to $780! Please message me with any questions you might have about the machine, and I appreciate you all checking out the post!