[FS] 2003 Olympia Cremina $2400 many extras and spares

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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Olympia Cremina 2003 lightly used. $2400

For pickup only in Greenville, South Carolina. Just off I-85. Greenville is about halfway between Atlanta and Charlotte.

Extras included from the factory are:
Portafilter and handle with one cup and two cup screw on parts
One cup filter basket
Two cup filter basket
Measuring spoon
Stainless steel milk pitcher
Stainless steel knockbox
Stainless steel Funnel

The original factory box

Also, a Richard Penney 49mm brass bottomless portafilter plus handle, and 2 Elektra MCal double baskets.
Included also a spare pressurestat, and a spare lever fork with the two pins. I have never used the pressurestat or fork.

Cremina was picked up at the factory in 240 V version with parts to change over to 120 V AC. I am not the original owner.
Everything needed to convert back to 240 V version is in a one gallon zip lock storage bag.

I have never had any problems with the Cremina. There are minor cosmetic flaws that are not really noticeable.

We drink less coffee these days.
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