[GONE] 20-30yo Pasquini Livia 90 manual with PID to external boiler surface (Boston)

Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.
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serial 21107 - old style o-ring head
I got this a few years back and have had a ton of fun with it. Nowadays it is not seeing a lot of use as I mostly espresso while I am out, Nero or Thinking Cup and such. or nespresso if I need a quick one at home.

Pickup only so will demo, Cambridge, MA 02139 It is heavy - I forget - 30-40 lbs?

The o-rings work well if kept clean and are easily available and cheap from amazon. Comes with 8. each last for about 1/2 year or so.
Extras. Some shown in pic. I pf wiggle/flush after every pull and use a brush.
PID is external and was installed by me and uses external 40a SSR. TC is held on to outer surface of boiler so not quite as stable as the internal tc's of, say, a linea. I found it much better than nothing. If you have kids you would need to somehow protect this from them/them from this.

If you really don't want the PID I could remove it and knock 100 off the price.
Looking to get $700. If you also want my RR45 (non-doser model with non working timer)(CourtHouse at 60)(no dust!) add $200.

if you look at ebay you will see prices there are MUCH higher so that is what I will stick with. Will probably craigslist it in a bit if no interest.

Used (Target) RO water since I got it: with "smidgen" (1/16tsp?) measure baking soda /gal.

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