[SOLD] 1988 Olympia Express Cremina

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I am selling a 1988 Olympia Express Cremina, group seal, piston seal, boiler and steam gaskets all replaced, and lubed up. Makes just as good espresso as my new 2023 Cremina.

This one has honest wear from age. micro scuffs on the chrome pieces and marks on the case consistent with ahe age - . Please look at the photos carefully. I call it a patina, but if you're OCD looking for a flawless facade this is not it. However the coffee it can make is flawless if you are a skilled lever head, or if you want to learn to master the craft.

I am sorry to see this go, but I have too many machines and decided to pair down.

I will be opening up the machine to take some photos of the inside.

ALL PERIOD CORRECT PARTS. No modern upgrades.

wiring harness recently replaced as well. Inside condition is superb.

Comes with spouted portafilter.

$1700 + shipping. Or local pick up in Los Angeles.