[SOLD] 1983 Olympia Express Coffex / Maximatic (Seattle, WA)

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Up for sale is my Olympia Express Coffex, AKA Maximatic from 1983 - I'll add photos of the serial number later. This specific example has a nice brown finish with some small chips and the front chrome could use some refreshing, but is in great shape besides that. I recently descaled the boiler and it's running great. The knob for the water cover is missing, but the tank is in good shape. For scale, the machine on the right in the third photo is a Londinium L1 - the OE is tiny compared to it! I believe this is the smallest HX machine you can buy.

I purchased the Orphan Espresso gasket kit to have on hand and have only replaced the head group gasket. I also have the original portafilter baskets, a tamper, dosing funnel, water funnel, and purchased one of Gabor's Naked portafilter earlier last week. I also have the original spouted portafilter. Selling because I almost always reach for my lever machines over the HX and have a Robot on the way that I'll use for travel instead.

Looking to get $850 + shipping for everything. I've shipped multiple Olympia Express machines before and will make sure it arrives in great shape. Local pickup in Seattle also possible. Thanks!

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