[FS] 1977 Faema Zodiaco 2 group (Rhode Island)

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Overall the next 6-8 months I am in the negotiations for quite a few old espresso machines and want to free up a machine I do not find as interesting and has been neglected for a year. This is a Faema Zodiaco that is almost fully refurbished. All pipes and boiler have already been descaled, the grouphead and valves have been fully cleaned and serviced with new gaskets, and just the wiring needs to be done (currently it has a 110V 1800W heating element so it will go on a 20A circuit). The caveat is the machine has not been tested in its current state, so cannot guarantee there are no potential leaks when tested. If anyone wants to try their hand at a mostly redone machine let met know. I will only do in person pickup in. More pics can be provided. A link to its thread on Home Barista is here.

New Find: Faema Zodiaco

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know! During the process if you do purchase this machine I will help you every step of the way to finish up this machine. If I realize any gaskets are missing I will provide them free of charge. I will also note of all the 2 group machines I've owned this is the lightest in terms of weight. It is actually not difficult to move and is the only 2 group machine that I consider portable. I have the original gas assembly as well.

I am unsure where to place pricing as I see these machines sell over a big price range based on location, original condition, etc. For now I will start at $2000 but that is definitely not a firm price. The price is the base cost + parts + powdercoating + tooling, I would not make much from this sale in terms of profit but I hope to find someone who can appreciate it. If in doubt place an offer!
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