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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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I am worried that if this project fails, which is far from impossible, that the machines will become useless once pod production ends.
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I want/wanted one myself. The machine is nice as it is not strictly tied to the pods and you can set your parameters for your beans using the reusable pods. Since I haven't dove deeper into it, I would think as long as you can change your parameters using the machine such as buttons or running you finger up and down on the screen, you should be okay versus relying on an app on your phone that may no longer be supported.

I'd be worried long term about the fact the same thing that weighs you brew is also used as the activation button for the machine. I see that piece as a wear item with the pressing, weighing and possibly the movement/shaking.

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heytchap wrote:Woooooooo. We're close!
Yes. Kickstarter is over.. Delivery Jan-Feb 2023..
Next; is a commercial model to use in small offices and another automatic model with a water connection for larger commercial community.

The XBloom is Not, strictly attached to using pods...there is included, an elegant attachment plastic brewer with a special RFID tag to work with their creative App to design your recipe that can be used with your special coffee.
Each recipe created can be used repeatedly without further programming

And, I started using computers with floppy discs, and I really don't believe that Apps are difficult in fact they are sometimes much easier than fiddling with a small touch screen on some appliances.
The XBloom App is I have seen is quite easy and creative. Take a look at their initial preview.



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If the company fails and stops updating the app, you might have to keep an old phone around to use it unfortunately.

Just like the Gevi, the xBloom seems like a good deal at the introductory prize - but I wonder how many people are buying these things for $800.

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If the company fails and stops updating the app, you might have to keep an old phone around to use it unfortunately
Oh, If the company fails, of course what is the use of an App. From now on we should consider every phone, espresso machine that is being offered. Will they fail? We don't know.. We make our best decisions.
There is a new terrific lever machine being recently offered for a $1000, and has sold out. Will it fail and so goes it's App.?
I truly believe it won't and so goes my investment and purchase.


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The difference is that most espresso machines can be used manually. This includes the Argos, even if repeated shots would be much more difficult to pull off without the smart PID control. Heck, even the Decent has some form of manual control by now. Apps are nice when they work but it's always an extra risk to rely too much on apps. I guess a bunch of RFID tags could be saved as a form of failsafe.

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Absolutely, your correct

The XBloom also doesn't need to be connected to the app... The App is only needed if you don't want to use the Pod and make your specific/special coffee and you find the need to make a special recipe.
Other wise no app needed for the XBloom.


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I know they added the ability to use just the grinder, I wonder if that can be triggered like a pod or can only be done with the app.

I can foresee this happening "I can't grind my coffee because my app won't connect."
That's some modern society issues there
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Or worse, you've updated your phone and now the app doesn't work or have to wait if/till they update the app for it to work again.

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Or worse, you've updated your phone and now the app doesn't work or have to wait if/till they update the app for it to work again
How do you think of these scenarios.. Are you just trying to be amusing?
The whole world is using Apps. And updating your phone has no influence on the Apps. Except if your phone is so old that the App won't work with your old operating system.

And the other scenario that you can't use the coffee machine because your updating your phone...
Well update your phone before you use the coffee machine. lol

And as I explained before, you will not need an App if you are using the coffee pods system...This is why this brewing system was designed.