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Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.
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For people who opine that V60s have a lot of bypass, how do these brewers - open skeletal drippers that hold the filter without walls, work? https://www.greenplantation.com/p/e-amp ... flower-v60

It seems it is either witchcraft or perhaps V60 do not have much if any bypass because even a little bypass would be a mess with these drippers.

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Those brewers have plenty of bypass too, it's just that the water clings to the outside of the filter instead of making a mess.

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If water just beads up on the outside, it seems any more would drip and flow all over, that does not sound like a lot of bypass.

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The amount of water bypassing can be controlled by how you pour. For a regular V60 dripper, if the stream of water hit the side wall above coffee grounds, more water will escape through the filter and drain directly into the vessel below. The same is true with this brewer.

In my experience, no bypass dripper, like Hario Mugen is easier to pour since I don't have to be very careful how I pour. But, V60 will allow more variations in the resulting cup by changing the way I pour. This can be good or bad.

Lately, I have been experimenting with CAFEC DEEP 27. This dripper is a bypass dripper, but controlled center pour minimizes the bypass and let more extraction to take place through a tall column of coffee.
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