Whisking the grounds before brewing?

Coffee preparation techniques besides espresso like pourover.

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I was wondering, does anyone whisk/shake/stirr coffee grounds after grinding them and before putting them into a dripper?

I see many people using matcha whisks to stirr - I suspect that is due to grinders grinding coarser when finishing grinding and making more fines at the start of grinding?

Has anyone found it to make a significant difference?

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About the only thing I do when grinding at work (Lido 3) is to slightly shake the grounds already in the filter just to make sure their level. At home, since I use one of my single-dosers, only out of habit do I shake the cup before pouring the grinds into whatever I'm brewing. This is mainly because I do the same thing for espresso prep.


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generally not needed unless you're doing espresso grinds. this can also be known was WDT (weiss distribution technique) and it's to break up the clumps in your espresso grinds. if you're not grinding fine/espresso, you probably won't get clumping, so there's no need.

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Shaking and waiting can also help dissipate static charges, making pouring the grounds into the filter easier, especially with coffees with a lot of chaff.

Sometimes I don't shake and tap my Lido 2 grinder, leaving the fines and chaff clinging to the lower burr and bearing so that I eliminate some of the chaff and fines from the brewed coffee. I'll clean it off over the waste bin after dosing the coffee.

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I used to do a water droplet trick with lido and later with comandante. Now I just leave it and later knock it out.


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I shake to make the fines cling to bigger particles - that way it will not block the filter as easy as if they are loose... But this is for brew, not espresso...