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Decided to try and make nitro at home for the first time. FYI, whip cream dispensers are generally not recommended for use with N2 due to higher pressures, higher risk of exploding and injury, etc.

Total cost of materials.

$35 - whip cream dispenser https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078RZGMFR
$14 - injector tips https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074CPFZWS
$15 - N2 packs https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07MZKBK6H or https://www.bestwhip.com/best-whip-nitro-ten-pack

Overall the dispenser was built very solidly. No plastic parts, though people complained about the threading for the lid, and part for the cartridge, just thread slowly and carefully. The whip cream dispenser came with tips only suitable for dispensing whip cream. So I read online to get "injector" tips. I bought this four pack but really only needed the short fat one. Bestwhip also makes a tip for N2 cold brew but I can't find the link right now and it's not searchable from their website for some reason.

So I used an ice americano instead of cold brew. I cooled it down and iced it until I had about 300ml of liquid. Used that with one N2 cartridge, shook the canister and let sit for 1 minute then did the pour. I had to control how much I opened the valve, because as you can see, too much and it'll spray. Overall results were pretty good. The nitro was nice and mellow with the foam having a creamy taste.

I'll need to experiment with different coffee brewing methods (maybe actually use cold brew) and maybe use the full 500ml with the one canister since it looks like the N2 is a bit too concentrated, preventing the full cascade. Or maybe I just didn't shake it enough or let it diffuse long enough.


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ISI also makes a dedicated nitro coffee device, that is designed for N2. It is expensive, on the order of $200. I have contemplated, but not yet bought it.


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Yeah and nitropress also makes one as well. And for larger capacity tank/kegs there are a lot of options now too. But I wasnt about to spend that much lol. The cheap whip cream dispenser seems to work well.


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LMWDP #603


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Hi Isuu22, thank for you sharing. I found this post when I looking for a solution for making Nitro coffee by cream dispenser.
If you mean this tip pack, https://www.bestwhip.com/nitro-n2-tip-pack, I just asked bestwhip yesterday, it's still available.

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The injector tips linked above work better than the Best Whip nitro tip IME. They're still the best off-the-shelf option I've found outside of the Nitropress nozzle, which is still not available for sale on its own. I have a drawing for an adapter to fit an actual stout spout to a siphon but haven't gotten around to getting it machined.

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I'm new to this nitro brewing. Why do the N2O cartridges have 8 grams of gas and the N2 only 2 grams?

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LMWDP #248

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Thanks...just what I needed.

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Does it make any difference if an aluminum or stainless steel dispenser is used? I'm just thinking about the coffee picking up any tastes from the aluminum, or doesn't it matter since it's in the dispenser for such a short amount of time?